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1SAFETY! PLEASE READ! Empty SAFETY! PLEASE READ! on Thu Sep 22, 2011 11:46 am

As we all know the internet has been a wonderful resource in spreading the wiccan way throughout the world. It dose however, still come with its own hazards as does following the path of wicca.

I realize most you will already know these things and have enough common sense not to get in harms way. For those of you that dont, please take a moment to read this topic on safety both on and off the internet.

Safety on the internet
* NEVER EVER EVER give out personal information such as passwords or credit card details.
* Be careful when arranging to meet someone off the internet. Make sure you have seen them over a webcam and made phonecalls to them. Never go to meet someone alone! always bring a friend and meet in a public place.
* Dont trust anyone from the internet who asks you for money.

Safety in life:
Im posting this after reading a story about a young pagan who was lured into a house and raped.

As wiccans, We are regarded as having an "alternative" belief. Because of this, it seems to attract conmen who will use our faith to make money and other such nasty people who may try to lure you into a cult.
Some people will tell you that they know the true ways of wicca/paganisum and will give you personal lessons. Please be vigilant when in this situation and unless you completely trust them, always bring another person with you.
You should not have to pay to learn wicca. everything you need is on the internet or in your local library.
Some people, may try and lead you to think that they have a similar and very exclusive group they belong to, that its better than wicca and that you, yes you, are very special and should join them. Please be careful, as they could be leading you to a cult.
this website details how cults work and how to spot one. how cults work

I dont mean to make anyone paranoid, and if you have common sense and a good head on your shoulders you will be fine Smile but do know your stuff! as the saying goes, knowledge is power! Razz

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2SAFETY! PLEASE READ! Empty Re: SAFETY! PLEASE READ! on Sat Oct 01, 2011 1:11 pm

Read and understood, thank you x

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3SAFETY! PLEASE READ! Empty Re: SAFETY! PLEASE READ! on Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:34 am

Thank you for the post.We have to protect each other :-) Sometimes from family hee he hee i don't even talk to them about personal thoughts. But seriously, it is sometimes hard for me to wrap around the thoughts of negativity of some. Blessings sister sagemoon

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