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strange dreams in my youth

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1strange dreams in my youth Empty strange dreams in my youth on Mon Sep 26, 2011 5:11 am

When i was a young child i keeped having this dream that provided more information everytime i had it,it started with a country lane,with every dream i got a bit futher along the lane,until i came to a part of the lane i could not see over,then one night i crossed over and the lane started to go down hill to a field,which had a fairground in it,in my last dream i entered one of the tents in the fairground,this was the last time i had the dream,after having at least 20 odd dreams about it,the interesting part,was 20 years later i was walking through a part of the UK i had never been before and suddenly realised i was at the place in my dream,everything was exactly the same,except there was no fairground at the bottom in the field,still wonder now what this dream meant.

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