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What did you dream of last night?

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1What did you dream of last night? Empty What did you dream of last night? on Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:30 am

I have some pretty weird dreams... I want hear what your last dream was about no matter what it was Smile Don't be shy... mine was a really funny but I'm not sharing till I see some posts Smile

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2What did you dream of last night? Empty Re: What did you dream of last night? on Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:33 am

Well, i had a dream when i was very little that i remember to this day. I dreamt there was a table of glasses, and every time i put a pair on, i would become a different person in a different place, and i kept changing the glasses in a desperate bid to get back to where i was.

actually this may class as a nightmare

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3What did you dream of last night? Empty Re: What did you dream of last night? on Sat Oct 08, 2011 5:01 pm

It sounds to me that you were having trouble figuring out who you were when you were younger Smile

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4What did you dream of last night? Empty Re: What did you dream of last night? on Sat Oct 29, 2011 11:42 pm

Since I have TONS of dreams that I can remember, I'll just mention one that scared me to death but (strangely) at the same made me feel awesome.
So, in the dream I am a swordsman living in a society where only the law has guns, but everyone else carries swords an other medieval looking weapons (an apparently no such thing as poverty, everyone is rich, an there are hardly any cities; most of the earth is a lush green forest). Somewhere along the way, I decide to spar with a friend with our weapons for a few hours straight. Of course, with this sparring we are bound to get a little over the top, an start turning up the heat (goes from a simple spar to an actual duel), with the heat someone is bound to get hurt - that of course was me.
When I am punched in the chest, I can literally feel everything that is happening to me in the dream (As if I really did experience this in another life), an the feeling from my chest is a rumbling feeling. I begin to tear at my chest til suddenly, my chest opens up exactly like an automated container - coming out of my chest is a square glass container held together by some golden metal, inside of that is a spinning triangle container also made of glass an held together the same way, an inside that is a glowing orb of energy (an in the dream, I can feel the heat coming from the orb). Well, both containers are cracked, basically when my sparring partner hit me, an the triangle container suddenly stops, an I begin to shake.
The containers begin cracking more, the my body shaking intensifies, an then I lose control of my body as my arms extend outward, I stand up straight, an my chest is aimed at the sky. The triangle container shatters, I begin to scream, an suddenly the square container shatters - at that precise moment, a large beam of light launches out of my chest, an the longer it goes, the louder I screamed (this lasted for a good hour). Near the end, my screaming was so loud that people could hear me hundreds of miles away, an fnally the beam of lights ceases, I finally stop screaming, an the moment I hit the ground dead is when I wake up from the dream.
Now imagine dying like that, your screaming is non stop for a full hour, people within a couple hundred miles can hear you, and your chest holds a ball of energy (that could be your soul). That is what I call my epic death.
Your turn Gaia :)

Note: I wouldn't call this a nightmare, because it felt both awesome an scary at the same time. Besides there are far more scarier dream than this one lol.

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