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Greetings to all my brothers an sisters!

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1Greetings to all my brothers an sisters! Empty Greetings to all my brothers an sisters! on Sat Oct 29, 2011 10:03 pm

Well obviously I'm new to the forum, but I'm not new to the many paths that the rest of our brothers an sisters have taken into their current lives.
I am Adromaedis (Add-Row-May-Dis), I have many names that I go by all over the internet an all of them are unique. So what is my path, well I am a Necromancer - don't mistake the art for D&D or whatever other game, tv show, or movie that makes us out to be, there are many myths about the art of Necromancy (like the myths to control an raise zombies & skeletons), an there are many truths to us. But of course, not all of us good Necromancers - so with that in mind, it is not the art or practice that is evil or good, but it is the practitioner with the intentions that deserves the credit of good or evil. I believe in Karma (The Boomerang Effect), I respect the laws of creation (all things living, dead, and/or otherwise), and I will help those who need/ask for it, just don't expect me to know a loophole or way around Karma (cause there isn't one).
For those that do not know what Necromancy is: It is basically the path between an of life & death, we are mediators of the living an the dead - But that does not mean that we are agents Death, we are simply students - We can summon those who have died (and entities that exist in different plains of existance), but by the laws of creation we cannot not control them. There is no such thing as Zombies or Skeletons, that is a myth created by D&D an H.P. Lovecraft. And our art is probably one of the most difficult to undertake, it is not the mediation, but it is the fact that in order to be a master of it (this is just my opinion), we'd have to discover the secrets of both Life an Death to truly call ourselves Masters of the art of Necromancy. And like other paths, we can use energy, as well as our elements to empower ourselves. And we also meditate, but the technique that I use is a very old an very dangerous meditation (The benefits of the technique is beyond your dreams, but if you lose focus it can be very bad for the body - you have to slow your breathing an try to slow your heart rate, if you snap out of it too suddenly, the cosequences can be severe), so if you wish to know how to do, please be aware of the dangers. So, with all that, I am glad to be apart of this new group an family, an I hope to become a worthy addition to you all.

Fare thee well brothers an sisters,

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2Greetings to all my brothers an sisters! Empty Re: Greetings to all my brothers an sisters! on Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:33 am

How interesting. I'd never heard the term till just now, when you introduced it to me.

I look forward to you explaining it in the future and exploring it in comparison to other paths.

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3Greetings to all my brothers an sisters! Empty hey there on Tue Nov 01, 2011 2:44 am

well now that explanation clears up many factors and i thanbk you for explaining it in more realistic terms. I knew it was a matter of personal choice in good or bad intent so with what you said comes vindication that my concept of a necromancer was correct to about 98%. i admit i was still naive to think the whole physical raising of a skeleton or making of a zombie was part of it. welcome to the group iam a new member as well and good friend of faraetaildreams

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4Greetings to all my brothers an sisters! Empty I have to Disagree! on Tue Nov 01, 2011 4:42 am

Thank you Adromaedos. I hope I'm spelling that right, I'm still getting used to it. It's a beautiful name by the way, and what you do is certainly not for the faint of heart. I'm sure you are very careful and I like your warning to others about experimenting.

My point of disagreement is I believe Zombies exist. affraid

Not the horror movie or even "return from the dead" zombie. But something we could all be at risk of becoming, especially if we spend an undue amount of time around zombies. I'm talking about living zombies. For an example of this, go to your local mall, target, pharmacy or any other public domain and look at the people. You will see many people that are so completely locked up in their heads, their eyes don't even look like they have souls inside them. You don't have to cut their heads off, but you should be careful operating machinery or driving around them, especially if they carry a cell phone!

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