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Speak the Word, an all things Negative shall diminish

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Doesn't matter where you are, when you do it, or in which direction you speak it, by merely speaking the Word, you shall be engulfed by protection from the negatives haunting your every breath an movement.
This is best used when you get the feeling that you have either been cursed, your badluck is becoming more frequent, and/or the negative emotions are running rampant in yourself. The direction must be precise, so if you have a compass, grab it, an each you time you speak a part of the word, face in the next direction, and they must only be restricted to North, South, West, and East.

(remember in any directional order you choose) Speak Bash (Bosh), Sham, Mash (Mosh), Ti (Tee) in the four directions. This is the word of a spirit that protects those from negative energies, badluck, an curses; Bashshammashti is the word, remember it for it is just a small part of the spirit's power. If the word doesn't feel like enough to diminish the wrongs, then I suggest that you seek out the spirit personally.
Seek out Tuku, one of the 50 names of Marduk, find yourself a quiet place to focus the ritual, bring paper, a pencil/pen, two candles, an either use an altar or a table to place the items on & focus your energy in to the symbol of Tuku. The rest must be found on your own - Tuku knows when he is needed, an if your need is genuine, he will guide you to what you need.

Fare thee well brothers an sisters

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