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How did you come 'out of the broom closet' to your closest friends and family?

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What the title says...

How did you come 'out of the broom closet' to your closest friends and family?

I am curious to know.

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Luckily I come from a very open minded family that is interspiritual, so exploring all the paths and sharing what we learn and what resonates for us is encouraged. My grandma taught me how to talk with animals and practice telepathy as a child. I just thought people did those things. Alas, I was a very strange child that didn't grow up all the way yet Basketball

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There wasn't a specific moment I came out of the broom closet.... I am and always have been completely honest with friends and family about my choices.... I didnt ever specifically say I am practicing Wicca or anything like that but they all know Smile In fact my mother is a member of this forum even though she is not any any way shape or form a Pagan in any since of the word Smile she was actually the first one to sign up when I started it Smile

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My father and I have had some estranged discussions, as you might be able to believe. It's a bit better now, as when we talk neither of us feel the need to "upstage" the other. Our discussions were like that for some time, when we would talk at all, and after the beginning when he spent most of our talks making fun of me.

My birth mother on the other hand was very supportive. She told me she didn't believe I would get involved in anything where anyone would get hurt, and that was that. We never really spoke about it again.

Sarah and I are still somewhat in the closet as far as some of her relatives are concerned, and yet we aren't either. We believe in all paths to God, and we are both as comfortable discussing Christianity as we are Wicca, Native American Shamanism, or even my own practice, which is steadfast within the Fae Realms. I don't believe that our Creator expected all of us to fit inside a certain mold. If that was the case, would we be so diverse?

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My family doesn't really know yet, though I know my mom realizes that I don't follow any specific religious path or denomination.

Most of my good friends know, or have an idea.

Eventually I'll slowly let them in on it but in small bites Smile.

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I told my mom just couple of years ago, when I could be sure that she would understand my choises of life. It took many hours of discussion and explaining, but it was worth it. In some ways my mother still thinks that "it's just a phase in her life, it goes by", but atleast she doesn't think that I am satanist and going to hell anymore. My father and my brother doesn't know, and it's better that way. My dad is not that open minded, and wouldn't understand at all.

My fiance was an easy one. Some explaining and it was okay to him, he let's me be what I am. Unlike some ex boyfriends, who didn't listen, or laughed at me. Some other friends might know, and if one of them wants to talk about it, I'll talk.

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