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HELP HELP HELP! RoA and High Preistess-ing!

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1HELP HELP HELP! RoA and High Preistess-ing! Empty HELP HELP HELP! RoA and High Preistess-ing! on Thu Dec 08, 2011 7:01 pm

Help! I grew up in a non Wiccan family but I have been studying Wicca (also Necromancy an Bonne Magie Wicca) and had the intentions of becoming fully Wiccan and separating mysel from my families religion for some time, the only problem is, I have no idea what, who, when I will need for my Rite of Ascension. I also have been studying extra in becoming a High Priestess, but I am not sure if I need to become apprentice to a current Priestess. My element is Fire and I have an enhanced intuition affinity. You could also say I have an affinity for Fire. Please help.

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well for starters there is no 1 way to affirm that u are wiccan.... for every wiccan you ask they will tell you something different.... I for one did a full moon confirmation where I simply went outside and stated I am a witch in 3 of course Smile some feel they need to have tutelage under an elder or high priestess others don't some feel they need the year and a day and others don't.... the point I guess I am trying to make is that it's all about you.. What would make it more meaningful to you? read up on ceremonies and affirmations and choose for yourself Smile I hope this helps

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