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My Thirst For Good Knowlegde to Help and Heal

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1My Thirst For Good Knowlegde to Help and Heal Empty My Thirst For Good Knowlegde to Help and Heal on Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:57 pm

Hi. My magick name is Faeryn. I have a firm belief that I was born Wiccan. To me, its not just a religion, its a way of life, and I love it! I have taught myself up until now (which, in some wiccan's eyes,I couldn't be considered a real wiccan because I have never been initiated)but my thirst for this true, good knowledge, the kind to help and heal, has become so great that it exceeds my own abilities to quench it. I need to learn from those who are more experienced. As the Rede says "Speak little, listen much." this is my opportunity to do so. Blessed be. Smile

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in the old ways it was considered a necessity to be initiated by an elder or coven high priestess but with so many solitary practitioners out there now Paganism has evolved and it has been realized by many that to self initiate does not make you any less a witch, pagan, or wiccan. If you browse some of our topics you will find a post exactly about self initiation and affirmations. I believe it's located under path in wicca general. If you have any questions there are a few people who have been practicing the craft here long enough to help in your journey myself and Jerry Hubbard included. Just remember that in the craft you are always learning everyday and it never stops. Also it is not a structured religion in regards to practices. It is all in how you interpret things. There is no wrong or right way specifically to do things. You should always adapt it to your beliefs and comfort. There is much more power in the belief itself than in the ritual and words. I hope you enjoy our forum and I am looking forward to reading your future posts Smile

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3My Thirst For Good Knowlegde to Help and Heal Empty Reply on Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:53 pm

Thank you very much. Smile

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