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August Birthstone... the Peridot

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1August Birthstone... the Peridot Empty August Birthstone... the Peridot on Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:01 pm

For an uncounted Egyptian Night
Many have gone in search of Dreams
And they have taken Peridot’s Light
To aid through toil and Dismay…
Jerry Hubbard

Peridot (pronounced Per-i-dawt or Per-i-dough, depending on who you ask) is also known as Olivine, and has been mined in the Middle East, particularly Egypt since approximately 1500 BCE. It has been rumored that many of the “emeralds” accredited to Cleopatra’s dress were in fact unusually large peridot, which only stones of over 10 carats are said to have the distinct emerald green color. Since Europe remained largely unaware of the peridot until a millennia later, many of the “emeralds” brought back by the crusaders to the Roman Cathedrals have been discovered to be in fact, Peridot over the last century. Even the British Crown Jewels are said to have at least one peridot misidentified as an emerald.

Peridot is most well known, however, not for granting wishes, or helping avoid nightmares or night terrors, but for protection from evil and chakra defense. So much so that if you are having your chakras aligned, it is suggested that you NOT wear peridot, because anyone attempting to help you with this will be blocked from doing so. When seen in sunlight, peridot is a translucent green hue, beautiful to look at, almost captivating. At night, it’s been said they give off a light of their own; and even under artificial light, the same stone seems to radiate more green. For this, Peridot have even been called “evening emeralds.”

Many years ago, tiny peridot were found on Hawaii, and natives there called them “Tears of Pele,” and celebrated them in ritual as tears of their Goddess of Nature. As with all green stones, peridot have been used in many forms of healing, and closer connection with nature.

For me… Peridot has and always will be a wishing stone… a stone for making dreams come true. However, as with all things, a note of caution must be used. Be careful for what you wish for… you just might get it… so whether you are mining peridot off the coast of Egypt on St John’s Island, or lost in the fog trying to find St John’s Island, or celebrating rite’s of Pele, or if your birthday just happens to be sometime in August, and you’re looking for that perfect peridot… we here at Modern Mythos hope you’ll let our craft… inspire yours…

Jerry Hubbard
ModernMythos Artisan
Let Our Craft, Inspire Yours
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