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1 EVIL MAGIC on Sun Dec 16, 2012 12:19 pm

I went to a spiritual healer who said that I carried some evil luck after I tried to heal my mother/parents.Its true that life was pretty crummy for me after that but I also feel that I was intuitively opening up to more,so it felt exhausting and troublesome for me.He said that I carried that curse and also my mind was being controlled by dark forces.That time was an exhausting time for me ,no doubt but I feel I was intuitively opneing up,cause I am an empath.I wonder hwo much of what he said was true,except that I was simply psychically opening up.After I had the reiki attunemnet,i did notice changes though not amny but I did,I was hoping what it could be?there are so many questions lingering in my head.I cant be sure.and the man doesnt want to talk on phone.He doesnt even reply,which can be that they have their own fears.He doesnt seem to want to interact.He has his reasons,but I am worried about my safety.
However I am confused.
I am also scared of denying it all together so it doesnt backfire at me again.I read somewhere that wicca can be denied or something.But this is just healing right?
Help Please!

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2 evil luck on Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:20 pm

first off I am not completely sure what you mean by evil luck but for anything that could be described as evil to be able to touch you, you would have to be open to it (I am in no way inferring that you are evil) I simply mean to state that you may have your defenses down or your own fear keeps you from being at your full spiritual strength. You are the only one who in the end can truly help yourself. Yes, you can bring in outside help but it only helps as much as you let it. My advice to you is let go of your fear and know that the Lord and Lady help those in need and everything happens for a reason. Why not cast a protection circle or meditate and find the answers within in yourself before you turn to someone else Smile
I hope this helps you

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