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Series 3 of 12 Aquamarine... Birthstone for March...

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A March born shall always be
Soothed by Aqua, gem of the sea
This mermaid’s treasured stone you wear,
Brings happiness, love, affection, and care

Considering that the Birth Sign for March is Pisces, it’s no surprise the birthstone for March is an aquamarine. At first glance, the double reference to water and blue can be confusing. This was no mistake. The name itself is derived from Latin words meaning “sea water” pertaining primarily to the color of the stones. The name may also be connected to the belief held by nearly every medieval culture that an aquamarine stone would offer protection on stormy seas, and so was often given to sailors. Archaeologists often find small aquamarine statues of the Poseidon or Neptune. In Thailand, it was believed the stone could keep you from being seasick, and even keep you from drowning.

Mermaids were often associated with aquamarine. Stories have been handed down, most by word of mouth, through what is now the Middle East, of mermaids either treasuring, or even creating, aquamarine crystals.

Aquamarine was also believed to have love properties during this time, and was often used as a gift by newlyweds. It was said the stone would absorb the “young love” and then continue to radiate this within the home afterwards. It was also said the stone could reawaken forgotten love of married couples.

During the middle ages, aquamarine was said to be an antidote for some poisons, and also to have mystical qualities. In England, in order to determine the best date for her coronation, Queen Elizabeth I’s horoscope was caste by a mystic using a crystal ball made of aquamarine. The aquamarine was said to assist in focusing.
Today, in some new age traditions, the aquamarine crystal again symbolizes safety and security. This, of course, makes this stone a popular gift for loved ones. In addition, aquamarine crystals allow for clarity of thought, promoting peace, and non-judgmental interactions.

So whether you’re planning your coronation to the throne, going on a long sea voyage to a far away land, or if your birthday just happens to be in March… we at Modern Mythos hope you’ll let our craft… inspire yours…

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