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i think some thing is wrong with me.Is it a black magic done by some one from my own family member or other.....!!

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Question  I had a lot of dreams about diagrams  like triangle,circle,dots etc. few days ago i found some clocked things searching for me in sky and my old place where i brought up.black cat and birds are also there in my dream when my mother try to save me the cat hurt my mother hand in my dream .. and after some time the clocked things i don't know exactly what are those gal or guys or something the caught me and try to suck my all powers and i was getting weak.

The things i deal with in real life i got a blood knot right side up to my stomach few month ago.i had operation and Dr. take it out it was a knot of blood which is getting large in a very slow manner it use to hurt me always when i do work cause me such a pain huh...! i started drinking and smoking which i never wanted too my family is facing financial problem from last 7-8 years which never happened before.money comes but never stays. or i can say when we left our old home from that time problems started. Arrow 

i always feel to commit suicide even try it few a times , feel alone all my friends and contacts i have lost not getting job , problems in study in sort i cant do any thing easily without facing any problem.

 Rolling Eyes my lil brother feels aggressive all the time he always bit me for no reason and lost control bit me like hell he was not like that when we were in our old house.as he is getting older he got aggressive,depressed fells alone all the time.he got trouble in every work he does as me . my mother he is well educated done MA.LLB
and got promotion last year from caustable to head caustable   on a single steps she can got promoted to at least S.P easily  from last 30 years she not get her promotions and doing work like hell facing problems in works and surroundings too.  Suspect i am having doubt on my maternal uncles wife and my mothers lil sister. Suspect  or might be possible some outsiders may be behind it .

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