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finding your patron

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1 finding your patron on Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:43 am

many people use meditation to find their patron.
but it is not something you have to do...
First thing I need to say is have faith, even if you don't know who your patron is as of yet believe me when I say They know who you are.

Studying is key to this. Study extensivly the different gods and goddesses and make a list of the ones who have caught your attention. If during your studying you come across a deity that u feel is compelling you or speaking to you. Don't overthink it. This is your patron!
Think of the interests in your life and find a deity who symbolizes things form your interests.

Have rituals and ask for the God/Goddess of your choosing to come to you.

the most important thing to know is when you find your patron, you will know. Do not doubt what you feel, negativity will only cloud your judgement and make it more difficult for you to connect. Look for the signs, they are there waiting for you to just pay attention Smile

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2 Re: finding your patron on Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:42 pm

Thanks, This has been bugging me for a while. I Thought without a patron I wouldn't be "wiccan / pagan". LOL! Silly me!

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3 Re: finding your patron on Sat Oct 29, 2011 10:37 pm

Do entities that exist in between dimensions, an ones that exist on different plains count? Like Valefor, Astaroth, Baal, an Amon for example.

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4 Re: finding your patron on Sat Oct 29, 2011 11:06 pm

by Ba'al you are referring to what is condsidered 1 of the 7 princes of hell? The same with astaroth I think as well.... I'm not completely familiar with it considering those are both names used in christianity to describe the highest demons of hell.....

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5 Re: finding your patron on Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:00 am

Actually the 72 Demons of Goetia - in reality "demon" is purely made up, it was just word used to describe something scary looking. It is normal to them, just of course not to us, an they agree "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
Hell also doesn't exist as a realm of eternal torment, it is really a dimension where the negative energy side is far greater than the positive, like the moment you thought of something even a little bad it would be magnified an immediate. It was considered the ultimate challenge for those trying to beat the negative with the positive. The current we are in is where negative an positive are both equal, an more focused around total belief (you believe this will happen without a shadow of a doubt, be it negative or positive, it will happen).
The entity that I still keep in contact with, Vydran, would be considered a demon because of it's natural form - Demon is honestly another word for ugly, a negative word. Amon, Baal, Astaroth, ect did not start with christianity, like so many other paths an beliefs before it.

Unsure if you knew that, just giving an explanation just in case it was needed by any who laid their eyes on this thread.

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6 Re: finding your patron on Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:17 am

thanks for clarifying Smile The only thing I really knew was that Ba'al was a word used to describe lord or master and heard it in reference to the 7 princes

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7 Re: finding your patron on Sat Nov 05, 2011 12:34 am

Gaia-sunstone wrote:thanks for clarifying :) The only thing I really knew was that Ba'al was a word used to describe lord or master and heard it in reference to the 7 princes

If thats what Baal (pronounced ball) really means, then the tv show for Stargate SG1 must've made an error by naming one of their bad guys "Lord Baal" if it translates to "Lord Lord/Master" lol.

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