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I need to communicate with the spirit in my house. Any ideas?

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Hey everybody! With Samhain getting closer, I have a question about contacting someone. I've been living in my house for almost 3 years. I've heard a man call my name there, my mama has seen a man walk through our living room and almost every night I feel someone standing beside my bed. I've tried talking to it and asking it to communicate with me. Last week, it touched em twice. One time I was trying to go to sleep and I felt an incredibly cold pressure on my back, when I moved, it went away. Then about 2 days later, I felt pressure on both of my shoulders, and then it went away. My house was built around 1900, and it's all original. How can I get the spirit to communicate with me?

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Hi! Sorry I just happened upon this, hadn't seen it earlier. Use a recording device and ask it to speak clearly and loudly. For some reason recorders can pick up voices that your human ear can't. You could also try automatic handwriting, but I've never been able to have success with that myself.

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What is automatic Handwriting?

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Automatic handwriting/pschography is a form of mediumship. You sit down with a pen and paper, ready to write, get into a meditative state and connect with the Spirit and allow it to write through you. It works great for some, especially if the spirit really wants to communicate.

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Thats was an excellent idea Temorrow!!! I havent thought of doing that... I'll have to give it a go myself to see if it's something I can do Smile

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I'm happy you like it Smile Let me know how it goes for you!

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