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Greetings and Salutations!

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1Greetings and Salutations! Empty Greetings and Salutations! on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:36 pm

What a wonderful looking forum that WiccanWay has going here. I'm happy to come on board and share in the energy Smile I never know what to say about myself, so the last time I had to introduce myself, I had to say my name and what fruit I would be if I were a fruit. So, I'm Temorrow and I am a banana. Not sure why, I just love bananas Smile

I'll be looking forward to getting to know you all.

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2Greetings and Salutations! Empty Merry Meet! on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:39 pm

hahaha that has got to be the most random introduction I have ever read! Love it! Welcome to the forum hope you come to love it here! Smile

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3Greetings and Salutations! Empty RE: Greetings and Salutations! on Sun Oct 30, 2011 5:24 pm

Thank you Gaia-Sunstone!

Yes, I do love bananas Smile It's the night before Samhain and enchilada lasagna is brewing. First time making it. It sounded yummy and smells delish.

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4Greetings and Salutations! Empty Re: Greetings and Salutations! on Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:04 am

haha yea that was random but I giggled.

happy to meet you!

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5Greetings and Salutations! Empty Re: Greetings and Salutations! on Tue Nov 01, 2011 4:43 am

Thank you much Faraetaildreams Smile

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