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I'm a newbie

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1I'm a newbie Empty I'm a newbie on Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:31 pm

Merry Meet all...I am glad to have found a place and people like me, I am a solitary practioner for 10 years now..I am new to facebook and this site..I need
lots of help with learning to navigate and rules as not to offend anyone..some of my functions don't work..old computer. So if I don't comment or reply..that would b it..I volunteer often so if u don't see me online for a while that would b it..I would like to b a regular here ..so introducing yourself would help alot! It is awsome that I am even typing this..it feels like I have a place out of the rain! Bright Blessings to all brothers and sisters. Blessed Be!

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2I'm a newbie Empty Re: I'm a newbie on Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:12 am

Merry Meet, Aaryaine, Welcome to the forum Very Happy Very Happy
Rules haven't been posted yet,but a respect and a bit of common sense will apply till then Smile
glad you have found somewhere to be happy,
Blessed Be,
Dagda Smile

Sorry I stand Corrected, Embarassed
Gaia-sunstone posted the rules Early hours this morning,sorry
You'll find them here-
Blessed be Very Happy

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3I'm a newbie Empty Re: I'm a newbie on Mon Sep 19, 2011 9:12 am

Welcome to the group! I too am a busy lady but hope to pop in regularly to get to know you all a little better Very Happy

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4I'm a newbie Empty Merry Meet on Mon Sep 19, 2011 9:21 am

I just posted the rules they are listed under the new member section Smile I very happy to have you here and I hope you come to like our forum! My birth name is Niki and I have been practicing only 4 years now all of them solitary and the reason I started this forum was to help connect myself to the pagan communtiy Smile

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