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Card of the Day

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1Card of the Day Empty Card of the Day on Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:35 am

Nine of Grails from the Phantasmagoria Deck.

"The ninth grail card represents perfect natural happiness and earthly blessings. It denotes deep inner satisfaction and emotional fulfillment, as well as belief in and love of creation and our place within it. We merge with the light-filled river of all life; where all forms flow together in oneness and beauty. The life, colours, sounds, and scents of the natural world shimmer through our senses, uniting us with the beauty of earthly existence. The Nine of Grails represents the happiness and contentment that arises when our dreams, wishes or hopes are fulfilled, so we can be assured that contentment and blessings are on their way. It is also a symbol of the crystallizing of the love of the Divine within us and a quest for higher spiritual ideals, rather than a desire for gratification. When this card appears it is a sign that our wish is soon to be granted in a natural and sublime way. Good fortune and comfort are combined, resulting in success, abundance, and tranquility. In a reading the Nine of Grails signifies that the situation or issue will soon be resolved and that things are working towards a happy conclusion. Feelings of peace and plenty are characterized by the Nine of Grails; this could mean emotional tranquility, the satisfactory completion of an endeavor, or material gain. It represents the enjoyment of our duties or activities and deep pleasure in relationships. Often it denotes finding a perfect partner who fulfills the longing for spiritual union in our life and within ourselves.
The card is identified by its virtues of kindness and compassion. It can foretell the arrival of a gift or of an encounter with someone who inspires us to live in the moment or to find happiness in a difficult situation. We might be encouraged to share our blessings, kindness, or insight with another, or called to aid someone in finding their own path to happiness. The happiness of the Nine of Grails is one of perfect contentment, a pleasure that flows directly from the Everlasting, bringing us complete emotional fulfillment." Pages 214-215

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Hello selena I will go in and make you a moderator for the card of the day section so you can switch out this post with the one I already made and then if you dont mind you can continue the section on a daily basis?

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