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Please read this thread before posting.

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1Please read this thread before posting. Empty Please read this thread before posting. on Tue Nov 08, 2011 6:53 am

ive been noticing a few threads over the last few months have needed to be moved as they have been posted in the wrong section. So here is a friendly reminder to Please make sure that your topic is relevant to the section you wish to post it in and that it doesn't belong elsewhere. Im going to make this global for 2 weeks and see how we get on Wink
Also, when replying to a thread, make sure your clicking reply,and not posting a new topic

Here is a brief reminder of what some of the sections are for:

Member submitted articles:
this is for any articles you want to put forward for the monthly newsletter

announcements, rules and regulations of the forum:
This is mainly for things to do with the actual forum. I.e any technical problems or updates, site changes ect. please only post in here if there is a problem your having with the forum or if you want to ask a question/make a suggestion in regards to the forum.

New members:
For introductions only

Path/Wiccan General and the sub boards:
for anything to do with wicca,paganisum and other paths.

Chat it up:
general chat, anything that doesn't fit in the other sections

The rest of the boards are fairly self explanatory. ive picked the boards above as these seem to be the ones where people are posting threads that do not belong.

happy posting!

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